More than 30 private apartments in central Berlin

To elminate any doubts you may have, here is a map of Berlin. Click on the location that interests you to get to the description of the apartment.

You have no idea where to stay in Berlin?

Is the property situated in a good community or neighborhood? Is it near the vital business centers where you can do your daily transactions? Are the surroundings safe? Is it safe walking during the night? Is the infrastructure good? Is there a short distance walk from the subway to the apartment?

There are so many questions that need to be answered! Berlin is so big! At ABRI you rent apartments and holiday homes that have been carefully chosen to accommodate you in the best locations in the Berlin city center.


When we select our apartments we always have the same criteria:


- comfortable, stylish,
- easy access by public transportation,
- located in the center and, the most important for us,
- it has always to be in a quiet and safe area.


Our apartments are located near the major attractions which you can easily reach within walking distance; some others a few stops away on the subway. The metro lines are well chosen, so that you don’t have to change more than once to get to the place you want.