Location Apartment Berlin-Mitte, Potsdamer Platz

In the 1920s the Potsdamer Platz was one the busiest squares in Europe with the most traffic and the first traffic light. For a very long time this was a deserted place filled with watchtowers, barbed wire, walls at an open area.etc. Potsdamer Platz was one of many symbols from the divided Germany.


Today the picture has changed: The Potsdamer Platz is now a Mecca of modern architecture. Famous architects have contributed to the current image. Today, the Potsdamer Platz, is a symbol of the unification of East and West Germany, one of the attractions you must see. Here you will experience true flair of the city, surrounded by impressive walls and admiring other stunned people. It is a great place, you can also have a good shopping there are several shops with a variety of merchandise.


If you enlarge the map [+] and switch to [satellite], you can zoom in very close to our house and explore the area once before from the air.